"A Great library contains the diary of the human race"-- George Mercer Dawson

To promote intellectual growth and creativity by facilitating access to information resources.

To be a strategic asset for the college, providing intellectual leadership and extraordinary information experiences towards the advancement of knowledge.

The Library strives for Excellence in Learning and Research.
By Providing high-quality services that meet and exceed the expectations of a diverse user Community.
By Empowering users to Locate, Evaluate and use information available in a variety of Innovative and Traditional formats.
By Developing and maintaining collections in support of the Academic pursuits of the College.

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    Library Collection

    Document Category                                           NUMBER
    1. Books                                           70,597
    2. Reference books                                           17,271
    3. Text Books                                           53,326
    4. Titles                                           27,022
    5. Indian Journals                                           81
    6. International Journals                                           17
    7. Magazines                                           71
    8. News Letter                                           09
    9. News Papers                                           16
    10. CDs and DVDs                                           558

    Subject wise Books in Library NUMBER
    1. Physics 4,072
    2. Chemistry 3,584
    3. Mathematics 4,110
    4. Botany and Microbiology 1,552
    5. Biotechnology and Zoology 2,489
    6. Electronics 1,586
    7. Computer Science 4,795
    8. History 3,691
    9. Political Science 4,194
    10. Economics 4,946
    11. Commerce 11,670
    12. Education 5,302
    13. Management 1,886
    14. English 4,675
    15. Hindi 5,531
    16. General 2,417
    17. Book Bank 4,187



Digital Library

A Digital Library (also referred to as digital repository) is a collection of digital objects that can include text, visual material, audio material, video material, stored as electronic media formats (as opposed to print, microform, or other media), along with means for organizing, storing, and retrieving the files and media contained in the library col lection.

Digital Library Login


The college library renders services to the entire reading community of the college campus, affiliated colleges. Thus the central library is open for teachers, research scholars, postgraduate and graduate students.

1. Open Access System

2. Reprography Services

3. Internet Browsing

4. Reference Service

5. Journals and Magazines (New and Back Volumes)

6. Current Awareness Services (Display of New Books)

7. INFLIBNET(Information & Library Network Centre)

8. Motivational Books and Encyclopedia

9. Dictionary

10. Competitive Books

11. Book Bank facility for the SC/ST and less privileges students.

12. Digital Library

E - Resources

Digital Library


A Digital Library (also referred to as digital repository) is a collection of digital objects that can include text, visual material, audio material, video material, stored as electronic media formats (as opposed to print, microform, or other media), along with means for organizing, storing, and retrieving the files and media contained in the library collection.



The Library also provides a number of  E-Books in Commerce, Management, Science, Technology, Computer Science, English Literature, Social Science and other subjects (on request).

Electronic Resources

SACJ Library subscribes to a large number of electronic databases. A  OFC LAN is under way which will made available all the databases through campus network .  Besides a good number of databases are also accessible through UGC Infonet Digital Library consortium. Kindly click the collection of databases given below in order to access it.

INFLIBNET    PDFCHM    The American Library   DELNET (Developing Library Network)    NDL

Periodicals & Journals

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Titles of News paper

1. Dainik Bhaskar
2. Nav Bharat
3. Nai Duniya
4. Deshbandhu
5. Swatantra Mat
6. The Economics Times
7. Times Of India
8. Hindustan Times
9. The Hindu
10. The Hitavada
11. Haribhoomi
12. Raj Express
13. Patrika
14. Rojgaar Samachar
15. Employment News
16. Rojgaar Nirman

Titles of News Letter

1. Panchayti Raj Update (Hindi)
2. Panchayti Raj Update (English)
3. CSIR News
4. B R World News Letter
5. Mathematics News Letter
6. NBT News Letter
7. Orient Literary Review
8. Insage The News Letter
9. Andreas News Letter

Titles of Magazine

1. Aaha Jindagi
2. Ashish
3. Chronical (Hindi)
4. Chronical (English)
5. Aajkal
6. The New Leader
7. The Examiner
8. Time
9. India Today (Hindi)
10. India Today (English)
11. Tehelka (Hindi)
12. Tehelka (English)
13. Indian Current
14. Pavitra Hirdaya Ka Sandesh
15. Peryaveran Vimarsh
16. Legal News & Views
17. Hashiye Ki Aawaj
18. Down to Earth
19. Satya Sakshi
20. Vagarth
21. Blessing
22. Bible Bhashayen
23.Business Today
24. Business India
25. Arogyadhaam
26. Current Affairs
27. Competition Success Review Hindi
28. Competition Success Review English
29. Career Solution
30. Careers 360 (Hindi)
31. Business Economics
32. Careers 360 (English)
33. Computer sanchar suchna
34. Forum Views
35. Current Affairs master In
36. Vachnotslam
37. Prevention
38. Electronic Bazaar
39. Electronic For You
40. Samsamyik Mahasagar
41. Shalom Tiding
42. Udmita
43. Huns
44. Inspirational Quote
45. Jeevadhara
46. Kadambani
47. Pratiyogita Darpan (English)
48. Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi)
49. Meri Saheli
50. Jesus Call
51. Our Lady Bandel
52. Sarita
53. Out Look (English)
54. Out Look (Hindi)
55. Relly
56. Bhavan's Navneet
57. Grahshobha
58. Vachan Dhara
59. Pratiyogita Sahitya
60. Reader's digest
61. Drishty
62. Outlook Money
63. Current affairs.com
64. Open Source
65. Sakhi
66. Womens's era
67. Tehelka
68. The Aloysian
69. Pratiyogita Kiran
70. Current Affairs Today
71. Everymen's Science

Titles of Journal

1. Arthashashtra Indian Journal of Economics Research
2. Anveshika(NCTE)
3. Artha Journal of social Sciences
4. Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha(NCTE)
5. A Journal of Asia for Democracy & Development
6. Bulletin of Material Science
7. Edutracks
8. Economic & Political Weekly
9. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Science
10. Bulletin of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers
11. Contemporary Vibes
12. Southern Economist
13. Gandhi Marge (English)
14. Journal of Community Guidance & Research
15. Social Glance Journal of Social Science Humanities
16. Littcrit- An Indian Response to Literature
17. E Pherm's Theologiocal Journal
18. Current Science
19. Research Hunt
20. Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A
21. Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B
22. Indian Journal Experimental Biology
23. Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics
24. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics
25. Indian Journal of Psychometric and Education
26. Indian Journal of Biotechnology
27. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
28. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology
29. Journal of Chemical Science
30. Journal of Biosciences
31. Journal of Earth System Science
32. Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy
33. Journal of Genetics
34. Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research
35. Journal of Scientific Temper
36. National Journal of Life Sciences
37. Journal of Mycology and Plant pathology
38. Mapana Journal of physics
39. OMEGA (Indian Jouranal of Science and Religion)
40. Microscopy & Analysis
41. Kristo Jyoti
42. Nai Shiksha Padhtiyan
43. College Post
44. Pollution Research
45. Vidya Jyoti Journal of Theological Reflection
46. Pramana Journal of Physics
47. Proceeding of Mathematical Science
48. Resonance Journal of Science Education
49. JMRS: Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Studies
50. Udyog Vyapar Patrika
51. Sadhana (Academy Journal Proceeding in Engineering Science)
52. A Journal of Research into the vision of Francis
53. Shiksha Mitra
54. Indian Science Abstracts
55. The Management Accounting
56. University News
57. Psycho Lingua (A Half Yearly Referred and Peer Reviewed Journal)
58. New Frontier in Education
59. Journal of Dharma
60. Education and Society
61. Education and Welfare
62. Education at the Crossroads
63. Education Plus
64. Education Today
65. Emerging Research Journal
66. Excellence in Education
67. Indian Educational Review (NCERT)
68. Indian Journal of Finance
69. Indian Journal of Marketing
70. Indian Journal of Mathematics Research
71. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
72. Indian Journal of Research Capital Market
73. Indian Journal of Teacher Education
74. International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
75. International Journal of Enviornmental Science
76. International Journal of Knowledge based Computer System
77. International Journal of Mathematical Science and Applications
78. International Journal of Scientific Research
79. Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Science
88. Journal of Commerce and Trade
81. Journal of Educational Technology and Research
82. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
83. Journal of Indian Education
84. Kurukshetra (English)
85. Kurukshetra (Hindi)
86. Network and Information Security
87. Ninad
88. Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management
89. Teacher Support Adhyapak Sathi
90. The Primary Teachers (NECRT)
91. The Quarterly of Historical Studies
92. The Scitech Journal
93. Third Millennium Indian Journal of Evagezation
94. Thoughts on Education
95. Vikas Vani Journal
96. Vikasini: The Journal of Women Empowerment
97. Yojna (English)
98. Yojna (Hindi)

(a) For Library related queries:
Mrs. Premlata Swamy
Mrs. Archana Dubey
Telephone No.: 0761-2620738 EXT.:207
E-mail: lib.sac09@gmail.com

(b) For Digital Library related queries:
Mr. Prakash Kumar Lange (Asst. Prof.)
Department of Computer Application

E-mail: sacjdigitallibrary@gmail.com